Why Fresh Air?

I have always enjoyed being outside, and once I decided to do regular training sessions, I was on the lookout for something I could do in the great outdoors.

I was happy walking all afternoon, or spending days in the countryside, and I felt good about myself, too. But I wasn’t pushing myself, I wasn’t hiking up mountains or completing challenges!

When I first became aware of boot camps, I thought it would be lots of shouting and bullying of unfit men and women, going through their paces with grimaces on their faces…

How wrong I was!

The first park I visited I saw a group of about fifteen people, all ages and sizes, and all happy and smiling. They were sweating, and clearly pushing themselves to the limit, but they were enjoying themselves, and it was a little infectious!

I want to show you that training outdoors is a brilliant experience, and would love it if you could write me an email about your personal training – use the contact page.

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